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Installing software

  • Problem: you need to run software which should be installed
  • Solution: Several solutions

Loading modules

If you need software that needs to be pre-installed on a worker node there are a few things you can do. In order to see which software is available you can use the module<ref>Using the Grid/Loading_Modules</ref> system. This includes all applications which are part of the VL-e POC and for those who are a member of the lsgrid VO, it also contains modules which can be used on the Life Science Grid.

Requesting modules

If you want a particular application to be available as a module, you should mail a request to[at] Note, that we can only install software on nodes that SARA maintains. For example, the Life Science Grid contains two large clusters maintained by Groningen and NIKHEF. If your job depends on a module to be present you can either perform a check within your job script or use the Requirement field in your JDL file. When in trouble contact support.

Preferably the application should be used repeatedly by more than one user. To speed things up, motivate your request.

Installing software into user space

Of course, it's always possible to install your own software into user space. Software that needs compilation should best be pre-compiled, then tarred. A job can then transfer the tarfile to the worker node, untar it and execute the software. This can be difficult for some programs, since the users environment should also be adapted. To solve this you can try to build your own modules.

Note that java programs do not have to be installed. You can load two different versions of java at the moment. Then you can simple execute any java program.,



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