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Grid certificates are supplied by a Certification Authority (CA). In the Netherlands, Grid users need to get their certificate from the Dutchgrid CA run by NIKHEF or the Terena CA.

The initial step is to request a digital certificate, this can be done in several ways.


Using JGridstart

This can be done by starting up a Java Webstart application, called JGridStart, by clicking here.

This application will guide you through the procedure and will produce a printed form. You will have to sign this form and visit someone called a Registration Authority (RA). He or she will have to sign the form and check your identification (bring a drivers license or passport). The name of the RA you will have to visit is automatically provided on the form. Alternatively, you can contact grid support for signing the form.

JGridStart will produce generate an encrypted private key which is an essential part of your certificate.

This key is stored on disk in a file called userkey.pem. You should keep this key private and remember the password with which you have protected it. The password cannot be reset! Only use JGridstart on a computer you can trust.


Using the Terena e-science portal

Note: A TERENA certificate will give you access to the Grid but will not allow you to submit jobs. For the full functionality, either use JGridstart or Visit the Dutch Grid website - see below.

Getting a grid certificate using the TERENA e-science Portal


Using the DutchGrid CA website

An alternative way of getting your DutchGrid certificate

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