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  • Problem: you want to cancel one or more jobs that you just submitted
  • Solution use glite-wms-job-cancel

In order to cancel one or more of the jobs submitted. Use the following command:

glite-wms-job-cancel <JobID>

Like the commands glite-wms-job-status and glite-wms-job-output this command has an -i option which uses a file with jobIDs as arguments. The following example shows it's use.

mgjansen$ glite-wms-job-cancel -i myjobs
1 :
2 :
a : all
q : quit

Choose one or more jobId(s) in the list - [1-2]all (use , as separator or - for a range): a

Are you sure you want to remove specified job(s) [y/n]y : y

Connecting to the service

Connecting to the service

============================= glite-wms-job-cancel Success =============================

The cancellation request has been successfully submitted for the following job(s):



When one of your jobs has already been completed you will get an error message, saying:

Error - Cancel not allowed
Current Job Status is Cleared

This message can be safely ignored.

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