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NOTE: We advice you to use the following workaround:

voms-proxy-init --voms lsgrid --valid 168:00

This will create a voms proxy which is valid for 168 hours.

Now follows the original method:

  • Problem: Your jobs are getting aborted because your proxy certificate expires before the job has finished
  • Answer: use the MyProxy server and the WMS as described here

It is possible that long jobs may outlive the validity of the initial proxy; if so and the proxy is not renewed, the job will die prematurely. To avoid this the workload management software allows the proxy to be renewed automatically if your credentials are managed by a MyProxy server.

SARA's myproxy address is

To use the automatic proxy renewal mechanism, first register a proxy with the MyProxy server using the command

myproxy-init -s -d -n

where -s is followed by the MyProxy server address.

Then create a regular proxy certificate:

voms-proxy-init -voms lsgrid

Note: The VO used here in the command above is 'lsgrid'. Use your own VO when necessary.

Before you can submit your job you have to add one line to the job description.

MyProxyServer = "";

Now you can submit jobs as usual.

Information about your stored proxy can be obtained via the command

myproxy-info -s -d

and the proxy can be removed with

myproxy-destroy -s -d.

NOTE: Once the proxy is removed from the server, running jobs will no longer receive renewed credentials.

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