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Ricardo Bruno has developed three 'tools' to recursively copy (and register) from a User Interface onto a Storage Element and vice versa. A corresponding deletion tool is available as well.

You can find them here:

Most likely they are already installed in the /usr/bin directory of the UI.


LCG-REC-* tools

The tools have the prefix: 'lcg-rec-*' to emphasize the recursive interaction with the calalog/SE: Please notice that the syntax of the commands is not the same as the syntax of the original lcg-* commands; more elaborated usage examples are here


Exactly like the corresponding lcg-cr command, this tool copies and registers a whole directory structure from a local file system in the UI to the file catalog. The same file hierarchy will be kept in the catalog and the related file contents will be stored on a storage element.


Exactly like the corresponding lcg-cp command, this tool copies a directory structure from catalog downloading the related files from the storage elements. The same file hierarchy will be kept in the local file system.


Exactly like the corresponding lcg-del command, this tool removes a entire directory structure from the catalog and removes each replica of related file from the storage elements.

The mandatory parameters are:

 In all cases:
 -vo The user needs to specify the virtual organization.
 -cp The catalog path that will be used as a starting point in the file catalog. 
 All but deletion
 -lp The local path from where the user wants to copy recursively to file catalog/SE.

The optional parameters are

 For all
 -fc Change the default file catalog (normally defined by $LFC_HOST environment variable.)
 -v  Use this flag to swith the command in verbose mode. Summary info will be printed at top while all lcg/lfc-* used commands will be shown.
 When copying and registering; (lcg-rep-cr)
 -se It is possible to specify a preferred destination SE for the file storage; else the default SE configured in the catalog will be used. (usually nearest to your UI)


To get help about a function, type -h; for example to get help about the lcg-rec-del function:

 lcg-rec-del -h
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