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The logical file catalog is a place where you register files, so you can find their replicas that a physically stored on a storage element.

If the physical storage is removed or lost, and you don't have any other replica's, you end up with only a registration in the lfc.

Setting up a testfile to reproduce the situation:

Copy and register a testfile.
lcg-cr testfile -l lfn://grid/lsgrid/tomv/demo/testfile

Deleting the srm entry and not the lfc entry.
lcg-del --nolfc srm://
Trying to delete the lfc entry:
lcg-del -a lfn://grid/lsgrid/tomv/demo/testfile
Gives me the error:

[SE][advisoryDelete] httpg:// java.rmi.Remote
Exception: srm advisoryDelete failed; nested exception is:
java.lang.RuntimeException:  advisoryDelete(User [name=lsgrid, uid=18050,
gids=[18050], root=/],pnfs/
8581b-1d76-4579-ab1f-5d2e8e58b33c) Error file does not exist, cannot delete

To remove the lfc entry you can use a 
Lcg-uf [guid] [surl] command:

List guid
Lcg-lg lfn://grid/lsgrid/tomv/demo/testfile

List registered replica's SURL(s)
Lcg-lr lfn://grid/lsgrid/tomv/demo/testfile

Issue unregister command to remove the lfc entry:

lcg-uf guid:644ee342-c1f8-4964-b878-a4bd5ccb3d6a srm://

Or shorter command doing exactly the same.

f=lfn:/grid/lsgrid/tomv/demo/testfile lcg-uf $(lcg-lg $f) $(lcg-lr $f)
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