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In the virtual laboratory for e-science (VL-e) project, a VL-e toolkit has been developed. Background an more detailed information can be found on the vbrowser homepage.

What is it for

The Vbrowser, part of the toolkit is a functional tool that can be used as a a desktop file-management client. After proper setup it provides an explorer-like interface to different storage resource available to your VO (i.e on the grid). You can transfer files from your local system to your user interface machine, or directly to a storage element or the LFC. The tool also supports third party transfers. So you can directly move or copy a file from one SE to another.


The latest release can be found here:


When using this tool please subscribe to the Vlet-users mailinglist.

For questions please notify grid support or use the mailinglist.

Very quick start

The vbrowser works pretty much out-of-the-box. It needs your grid certificate installed on your local machine.

Here a short explanation of three types of storage resources that can be used. Right click in the resource tree of vbrowser to create them.

  • srm (Storage resource manager)

At your disposal are differents srm servers. All storage elements speak SRM, do a

lcg-infosites --vo <YOURVO> SE 

on your user interface to see the ones available to you.

  • sftp (secure ftp connection)

Can be used to connect to and transfer files from and to a secure file transfer server, your user interface (UI) can be connected to in that way. Right click in the resource tree; and select 'new sftp resource'. To transfer files just drag and drop, or use right click 'copy'.

  • lfc

Interacts with the logical file catalog '' is the lfc server at your disposal.

lcg-infosites --vo <YOURVO> lfc


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